Retired? You Have Special Needs.

If you are retired or nearly retired, you have a special set of retirement income needs. And it’s vital that you work with an advisor who not only understands those special needs but has changed their management approach to meet them.

Unfortunately, few in the financial services industry have done so. Let me explain.

You’ve spent years sacrificing and saving to build your nest egg. You’ve lived beneath your means in order to get where you are today. The money you set aside was invested so that it would grow over time.

Since you had a paycheck to live on, it wasn’t the end of the world if the value dropped because you had time to recover.

Now that you are retired, you no longer have that paycheck to sustain you from month to month. Now you are heavily dependent on your nest egg to sustain your lifestyle. Because of that,  you no longer have the time it may take to recover from significant market losses.

The Traditional Approach Is Over

The traditional approach to investing where you buy an investment and hold it for years and years could result in your retirement funds being decimated. That’s exactly what’s happened to many retiree’s between 2000 and 2002 and, more recently, in the Decline of 2008.

You face a conundrum. Your first priority is hanging on to what you’ve worked so hard to earn. You don’t want to lose money. And if you’ve suffered losses in the recent market crashes you especially don’t want to lose MORE money.

At the same time, you’re smart enough to know that you shouldn’t let your money just sit there. So your second priority is for it to grow.

Depending on how much you’ve lost, it may take years for you to recover. But what choice do you have? You can’t just put it in a CD and earn 1%, especially with the prospect of higher inflation in our near future.

The conundrum is that these two priorities are in direct conflict with each other. Investing in a way that might produce higher returns involves putting that money at greater risk. So most are forsaking the possibility of a higher return because they fear losing a lot of money. It doesn’t have to be that way…but more on that later.

The problem is that the philosophies and strategies used by traditional advisors are generally not suitable for your specialized needs. Traditional advisors are typically geared toward passively managing investments—buy and hold. The industry thinks that they can protect you from losses solely by spreading your money between bonds, real estate and equities. But, as most of you found out in 2008, that doesn’t work too well.

Let me give you a short quiz:

Your advisor may have talked about closely watching your money—but did they?

I did.

Your advisor may have told you that they would take action to protect your money—but did they?

I did.

Does your advisor have systems in place to closely monitor each investment in your account and to alert them if it starts to drop in value?

I do.

I’ve invested 10 years and well over $200,000 developing and perfecting proprietary technology that does just that. My technological process and strategies are so unique that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has already awarded me 3 patents.

But it’s more than just the technology that makes me different from other advisors. My overall approach and philosophy is different and is tailored specifically to your needs. The strategies that I use are carefully chosen and blended together based on the special needs retirees have. I recognize that it’s vital that your portfolio doesn’t passively sit on a shelf and gather dust—it needs constant attention.

My entire firm is geared to the special needs retirees have with building and sustaining their retirement income.

No one manages your money like I do.

Get the Keys to Avoiding Crisis when Building Retirement Income.


  • William E. Roberson October 18, 2014 at 1:15 am

    I really agree with your philosophy 100%. I have just retired and I aggressively looking for an advisor that believes in honesty, Integrity, and trust. I am have learn so much in the last few weeks by researching and reading about the financial field. I reside in California and I hope I can locate and advisor that is in line with your philosophy. Thanks for sharing your investment information.


    • Judy Wilde April 12, 2015 at 6:17 pm

      William- Have you been able to locate an advisor that follows the NSICI philosophy? I need to make some decisions soon.

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