Cut Out The Middle Man And Avoid Confusion.

There are multiple advantages to working directly with the person managing your money. Sure, it will lower your costs because there are fewer people in the ‘food-chain’. But that’s not the biggest advantage. The biggest advantage is avoiding confusion, is finding the keys to successful investing after retirement.

This is easily illustrated with the child’s game called ‘telephone’. Several people get in a circle and the first person whispers something to the person on their left.

That person whispers the thought to the person on their left and so on until it comes back to the person that started.

Invariably, the person initiating the thought finds there is a tremendous difference between what they said and what was repeated back to them. Now imagine if that whisper was an important instruction about your portfolio or how you like your money to be managed!

Portfolio Manager-On-Demand revolutionizes the investment process.

Let’s face it, the only way for you to feel comfortable is if you stay in control of your money. You work directly with me making the investment decisions instead of a middle-man. We work together to form an investment strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Then I handle the day-to-day details necessary to implement your plan.

You remain in control and having a close relationship with your portfolio manager will give you the comfort you need to focus on those things in life that matter most to you.

Sleep Easier With Built-In Protection Against Adverse Events

With the Portfolio StewardTM, you can stop worrying about negative news or events severely impacting your portfolio and your way of life when I manage your money. That’s because I’m able to respond to market changes and take action to protect your money in a matter of minutes. That’s something that can’t be accomplished using mutual funds or with most advisors.

How to Avoid Excessive Fees That Eat Your Profits

I recommend the use of individual stocks, bonds and exchange-traded funds (and occasionally options and/or futures) because they provide broad diversification, significantly lower your costs and allows me to quickly react to changes in the market.

Even after allowing for my nominal management fee, your expenses can be less than those charged by many mutual funds. It’s like getting my valuable services for free.

No Commissions Allowed!

Commissions are for sales people and stock brokers. I don’t sell anything and I don’t receive any commission on your investments.

Instead, I get a paid a small, ongoing percentage based on the value of your account. The percentage varies from .75% to 1.25% per year based upon the amount of assets under management.

There aren’t any set-up fees or onerous surrender penalties. You will know exactly what you are paying and why. So it’s pretty obvious that if I want to raise my standard of living I have to first raise yours.

Getting started on your new investment strategy is simple. I can even help you quickly and easily transfer an existing brokerage account that is with another advisor.


Who Holds Your Money?

That’s a good question. Your assets are held and protected by the largest custodians in the nation such as Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group and/or Interactive Brokers.

You maintain 100% control of your money and only you are able to access it.

As your advisor, I can make investment decisions but only you have the authority to withdraw funds.decisions but only you have the authority to withdraw funds.decisions but only you have the authority to withdraw funds.decisions but only you have the authority to withdraw funds.

In addition, regardless of which custodian you choose, your full account value is always insured (see Custodian for details).

You Benefit From Small Size

Common Sense Advisors is an intensely private money management firm. Your assets and net worth are not the subject of dinner time conversation, or water cooler meetings like they often are in large, public firms where employee turnover is high and there is little or no one-on-one client relationships.

When it comes to how your money is invested though, you deal directly with me, Jeff Voudrie.


That allows you to have a close and very private relationship with the one managing your money.

Taking The Next Step

Changing your investment strategy takes some thought, I understand that. That’s why I’m not asking you to make any decisions today other than to call or email me so I can set up a time to either meet in person, by video chat or talk by phone.

Any good relationship requires synergy between the parties. I don’t like to rush into making important decisions and I’m sure that you don’t either. That’s why I recommend that we meet and get to know each other just to make sure that we’ll be comfortable working together.

How to Survive Market Crisis, Reduce Stress, and Build Retirement Income.

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