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Lastly, the financial services industry (the Wall Street System) leverages technology to maximize their profits but to protect and grow your account.

Ask them what systems, processes and procedures they have in place that are designed to protect and grow your account and they will talk about something like ‘diversification’ or they will try to convince you that all you have to do it wait out the markets during the down turns and everything will be all right because the markets always recover.

I agree you should wait out the market, buy our definition of that term is very different. They mean you should leave your money invested fully and trust them. I mean that there are times when you should wait out OF the market. Moreover, the most successful Hedge Fund investors leverage technology in the management of the accounts.

They apply an engineering approach and have pre-defined systems, processes and procedures that they follow. So do I. I leverage technology to protect and grow my clients and have 3 US Patents on those processes. If you’d like to find out more about that watch….

The most important step that you can take to better secure your financial future starts with separating yourself from the herd and the self-serving mentality and methods associated with the Wall Street System.

When it comes to investing, there ISN’T safety in numbers—it is counterintuitive, but you want to work with a small, private money manager who is able to closely monitor your accounts.

And if you want any hope of avoiding a catastrophic loss in the next severe market correction or crash, you absolutely must remove all the bureaucratic layers that separate you from those making the day-to-day decisions affecting your money. Doing those two things will significantly improve your situation, but still won’t get you where you want to be.

There are two remaining issues that have to be dealt with: the person that manages your money has to have the right priorities.

If you want any hope of avoiding catastrophic losses then the person managing your money must have the same priority AND, secondly, they need to have clearly-defined, robust systems, processes and procedures in place that utilize technology to track and monitor everything that happens in your account in real-time.

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  • Mason Roy November 20, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Hello Jeffrey I just finished watching your four videos and found them very interesting. I spoke to you I believe it was maybe about a year and a half ago and you gave me some good advice. I have continued to contribute to my retirement plan and it has grown to the point where I think I do need some investing help both to continue to grow my plan and to protect it as well. I am available anytime next week if you are available to talk. Thanks for your time.

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