Thanks for dropping by! Let me introduce myself…

I’m Jeff Voudrie, and chances are, you’ve come to this website because you heard about me through my work as a money manager and financial expert. Maybe you viewed one of my educational videos or read one of my special reports or e-books. Or maybe you’re a stalker from my old high school and I didn’t friend you on Facebook (just kidding!).

Whatever the reason, here’s a way to find out a little bit more about me, beyond just the ‘boring’ credentials and ‘official’ stuff, though I’ll include that, too. Why am I doing this? Simply put, in today’s internet world, we often make connections with people we never get to meet in person.

This can make it difficult to build trust or get an accurate picture of the person with whom we’re interacting. By sharing more about myself, I hope to make my connections more meaningful and real. You can check out my personal blog below, click on links to my other internet sites, or find out more about me by searching through the tabs above.

Thanks again for dropping by and I hope you enjoy your stay!